Pastors & Staff

Pastor Joe Campbell

Head Pastor

Before Pastor Campbell was saved, he was a a biker. He came to church after his wife, Connie, received Jesus as her Savior. She prayed and fasted for him. When he finally decided to come to church, God powerfully touched him and he was radically saved! He has never been the same. He sold his bike and started preaching to everyone he came across. Pastor and Connie has served in Chandler for over 30 years. 

Pastor Torey Williams

Associate Pastor

Pastor Torey and Anastacia Williams both were saved at The Door Church in 2003. God transformed their lives and they have served in many capacities over the years. They have pastored in Spring Lake, NC and pioneered a church in Barbados. 

Pastor Mark Tozer

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Mark and Carol Tozer were saved in the early days of our fellowship. Their lives are marked by the mission field. They started and helped churches in China, India, Singapore, and Australia. Over 7 years ago, they came to serve the Chandler congregation.

Pastor Thane Caldwell

Spanish Pastor

Pastor Thane and Nancy Caldwell are over our Bilingual ministry and run our service that is completely in Spanish. They were saved at young ages and have served in our church over 7 years.
El pastor Thane y Nancy Caldwell están a cargo de nuestro ministerio bilingüe y dirigen nuestro servicio que es completamente en español. Fueron salvos a edades tempranas y han servido en nuestra iglesia por más de 7 años. 

Pastor Anthony Seawright

youth pastor

Both Pastor Seawright and Shatockia were saved as teenagers in our church. They pioneered a church in Chicago and took over our teen ministry in 2020.