2020 Chandler Bible Conference Announcements!


  1. From Glendale out of the New Delhi, India Church into Gurgaon, India: Marshall & Ankita Ashish 
  2. Nationalizing El Auto, Cuba : Rolando & Yanela Rodriguez 
  3. From Dominican Republic into Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic: Luis & Maria Brandel (pioneered Cuba above) 
  4. From Cape Town (Mitchells Plain) into Strand Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa: Damien & Danlyne September 
  5. From Chandler Into Hyderabad, India: Ryan & April Burtch
  6. From Chandler Into Lima, Peru: Paul & Deanna Alvarez 


  1. Out of Havelock, N.C Into Goldsboro, North Carolina: Paul & Shafaye Whitaker 
  2. Out of Houston, TX  Into Brownsville, TX: David & Jocelyn Cruz 
  3. Out of Newport News, VA Into Hampton, VA: Roman & Rosie Covos 
  4. Out of Stark, FL Into Ocala, FL: Taylor & Macie Baker 
  5. Out of Clarksville, TN Into Bowling Green, Kentucky : Miles & Charlene Davis 
  6. Out of Jacksonville, Monument Landing Into Savannah, GA: Trenton & Aliyha Deas 
  7. Out of Jacksonville, FL Into Yulee, FL: Chris & Rachel Gadsden
  8. Out of Jacksonville, FL Into Winter Garden, FL : Chandler & Gwen English 
  9. Out of Glendale, AZ Into Houston, TX: Fernando & Staci Roman 
  10. Out of Chandler, AZ Into Houston, TX: Brandon & Marla Chi 
  11. Out of Chandler, AZ Into Phoenix, AZ : Tavo & Adriana Portillo 
  12. Out of Chandler, AZ Into El Paso, TX: Mario & Veronica Ontiveros 
  13. Out of Chandler, AZ Into Las Cruces, NM: Francisco & Angelica Arellano 
  14. Out of Chandler, AZ Into Kennewick, WA: Bobby & Vanessa Hedegard 
  15. Out of Chandler, AZ Into Colorado Springs, CO: Bob & Colleen Alvarez 


  • Out of Chandler, AZ Into Indianapolis, IN: Nick & Cicily Thimmig
  • Out of Chandler, AZ Into Pittsburgh, KS: Gary & Kathy Monnens
  • Out of Chandler, AZ Into Chicago, IL: Andy & Alisa Cota¬†
  • Coming on Staff to Work w/ Teens : Junior (Anthony) & Shatocka Seawright¬†


  • New Evangelist: Al Jenkins (Sarah)

  • Redirection: Keith & Amanda Walker Danny & Christina Vestal

  • New Door Director: Angel and Syriah Guerrero

Praise God for all that He will do in these new works and changes! Please pray with us, invest with us, arise with us, and contend with us! Thank you, the faithful saints, for your willingness to participate in the advancement of God’s kingdom.

Hearts Prepared

We are believing God a tangible presence of His Spirit. Before every conference we hold a time of prayer and fasting to prepare our hearts to hear from God. We pray specifically for laborers for the field, our laborers to be refreshed, our cities to see revival, and to hear a word in due season.

Please keep this conference in your prayers!

Just Living Is Not Enough

In this conference, we will hear over 17 sermons from preachers all over the USA. Some have been missionaries in other countries and others have pastored in the great United States. 

Come be refreshed by the living Word of God!

Maintaining Vision

Our hopes through these conferences are to create a sense of unity and to help us remember we are a part of a great move of God. As God moves throughout this earth we hope to align ourselves with Him to advance His Kingdom on earth!

Changing lives, making disciples, reaching the world!

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More information

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