Divine Healing in Nigeria

(As written by Mr. Charles)

I am 66 years old, before the revival with evangelist David Eccles. I was on a daily dosage of one tablet linsoprun, vasoprin or asprin. Which I took whenever I felt a palpation in my heart. Also my right hand shakes when I held a microphone or lifted it up.
When evangelist Eccles called for those sick in the body I took a step of faith and went and went out to meet him in the altar. Immediately he started praying the palpation in my heart stopped, the shaking of my right hand lifted up in prayer also stopped. He prayed for me and from that moment till date I stopped taking my medication linsoprun and vasoprin. Praise the Lord I am perfectly okay.

Ovberedjo Charles. O.

YES LORD, my testimonies abound…
I count my blessings n name them one by one.
Particularly, my husband!
He gained strength, have control of his move night n day.
I can’t remember the last time my husband stand on his feet unmonitored, kneel down n rise from the place of prayer.
All hail Jesus the healer, miracle worker, promise keeper, way maker light in my darkness…
Glory! Glory!! Glory!!!
Hallelujah God Almighty👏👏👏👏👏

by Yumi

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