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Balaji & Vimala with Lazarus


Baby Dedication


Greetings from Cox town, Bangalore! We have a single girl named Prathiba coming to our church who got saved from a staunch Hindu family.
She is the only one saved in her family and faces persecution all times from her parents and sister Vimala.
Recently her sister Vimala delivered a baby boy, only for the infant to be diagnosed with brain infection that was terminal.

Desperate, Prathiba made a call to us and we rushed to the Manipal Hospital and after a lot of hindrances, I was allowed to go inside the Intensive Care and pray for the baby.
As I laid hands on the baby, I began to cast out the spirit of death, took dominion over the situation, prayed for a miracle and walked out.
As I was walking out, by now the nurses in the intensive care were shocked to see me praying aloud.
One nurse asked me to pray for all the babies admitted, many of whom were abandoned by their parents.
The parents Balaji and Vimala came to church and answered the altar call and renounced all involvement in idolatry, going back home and removing all idols.
Within 1 week, the baby was out of the hospital and the final report shows NO signs of brain infection. The power of Jesus Christ and his blood is REAL.
The baby is perfectly fine till date. The parents dedicated their son to Jesus Christ in our Sunday AM service, the whole congregation were moved.
They named their son, Lazarus. ( what a fitting name, their son snatched away from the jaws of hell to life )
Please for this couple and for our church as we are radically seeing God do a supernatural work.
– Packia & Samantha Raj
Cox Town Bangalore INDIA

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