Breaking Bad Through Jesus Christ

Cesar grew up on the streets of LA. 

He was a young man with no direction in life other than the gangs that were rampant in his neighborhood. While he was in gangs, he was going to rob a store owned by the parents of his future wife. After meeting the girl, he told his friends he could not go through with plan. Soon after, he married Alicia.

On the night of their wedding they got drunk and fought.

The night of the wedding was just the beginning of a rocky marriage. They both were drunkards and ended up on drugs. Cesar could not change who he was and dragged Alicia into his lifestyle. They had four kids together and with every child they moved to different states, hoping their lives would change.

Cesar ran. 

Cesar ran from city to city and state to state thinking his life would change with each change. However, he could not get free from the drugs and alcohol. He neglected his family, only caring about his next high. Every time Alicia would threaten to leave him, he would promise to stop his drug use. But, with each passing year things grew worse. He moved to Chandler, Arizona to escape a biker gang in Colorado he’d made angry.

They finally came to the end of their rope.

One night, Cesar was in anguish over his daughter’s boyfriend taking her from them. He told his sons to gather their weapons to kill the “fool that took his daughter.” By no small coincidence, Cesar’s neighbor invited him to a free concert that night and told him that Jesus could change his life. Looking into his life, Cesar decided he would go to the concert to see what this guy was talking about.

One prayer changed an entire family.

Cesar and his sons went to the concert. His heart was softened with each song, testimony, and drama skit. At the end of the concert, a man stood up and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When called to surrender, Cesar decided this would lead to his lasting change. He went to the altar and said a prayer of repentance and was instantly converted!

That night he gave up drugs and alcohol. 

The power of Jesus Christ changed Cesar that night and he started to come church. There, he found true peace and joy. He was filled with the Holy Ghost and since has been testifying of the salvation of Christ! No program, no high has given him what Jesus gives him.

Him and his family have been serving God for over 5 years, soberly and with great joy!

We believe Jesus changes lives. We are The Door. 

by Yumi

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