Welcoming Staff

Meet our staff

Senior Pastor Joe & Connie Campbell

Pastor Joe and Connie Campbell have served the Chandler Door Christian Center for over 25 years. Their warm and welcoming spirit has ministered the love of Jesus to the hearts of many thousands over that period of time. In an age of self promoting CEO style preachers, Pastor Campbell is a breath of fresh ministry. He is approachable, available and receptive. Much of the personal touch comes over the pulpit in a ministry that aims at relevant issues we all face. Whether you are in crises, need encouragement or simply looking for a church home, Pastor and Connie invite you to come and experience God through His word, prayer, worship and relationship. The Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Come and hear what God may have to say to you today.

Assistant Pastor Mark & Carol Tozer

Pastor Mark and Sister Carol Tozer have been missionaries around the globe. They were originally saved in San Diego in their early twenties. As they continued to serve God, He called them to pastor in Singapore, China, India, and Australia.

Eventually, God brought them here to Chandler, where they have been serving for the past 5 years. 

Spanish Pastor Gil & Rosa Cota

Pastor Gil and Rosa Cota were saved as teenagers in Mexicali, Mexico. There, they were raised up and eventually took over the church. God has taken them around the world to preach the Gospel. They serve the Spanish speaking community in our congregation as well as oversee our works in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Panama. 

Youth Pastor Bobby & Vanessa Hedegard

Pastor Bobby and Vanessa Hedegard have pioneered churches in Houston, TX and Holly Springs, NC. God has worked tremendous things through their lives. 

Now, they oversee our youth ministry. With their fire and passion for the Kingdom of God, they expect great things for the next generation. 

Join them on Friday nights @ 7:30pm.

Here to serve you!

Our pastors are available for counseling. If you’d like to speak with any of them please use our contact information to reach them or come to any of our services.