Youth Ministry

The hour we live in places astronomical demands on the youth of our generation. The pressures of adolesence coupled with broken families and troubled times throws an unnatural burden on the heart of young people today.

Youth Leaders

Tim and Misa Haynes

Crossfire offers teens a place to bring their questions and learn to live a responsible life for God.

Crossfire begins every Friday night at 7pm

We believe young people need Godly direction and Godly examples to steer them on their challenging journey.  For this reason, The Door focuses several ministries targeting young people ranging from teens to young adults.

We offer engaging Bible Study groups, Crossfire for teens and The Xtreme Cafe Saturday Multimedia concerts.

We invite you to stop by and see what all the buzz is about.

Friday nights at 7:30pm

  • Crossfire – Friday Nights 7:00pm – 585 E. Frye Road (across from Folley Park)
  • The Xtreme Cafe – Every Saturday 8:00pm – Washington Street, Chandler
  • Home Bible Studies – Friday Night 7:30pm – (Contact us for locations across the city)

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3 thoughts on “Youth Ministry

    • Yumi says:

      Young people are encouraged to live righteously in a fallen by getting together every Friday and doing different activities to avoid sin. Last Friday, the teens went out onto the streets and preached the Gospel. Check it out this Friday at 7pm!

  1. Chandra K Yadav says:

    I went to door Wednesday and i love the whole church i had instant connection to this church. This church reminded me of Hosanna Lutheran church in MN. I was 9 got baptized 9-20 i was volunteering there started in nurser and peer ministry and camps. April 2015 i got married in that church. I have lost faith in God for so many reason. I feel that he made me this way for a reason and i am so lost to find that path and direction. I love People I want to help people. I worked with children over 10 years and elderly 5 years and i love caring for people but at the same time i am having hard time finding a living and love what i do. I am from Nepal was adopted at age 9 and grew up in Minnesota and moved here in 2009. i really want to have a support group and also want to help people/children with adopting/abuse and many more things. Please let me know if there is a place i can volunteer and make a difference in people. I am stressed and have not always have struggled with sleeping. I hope this is not too hard to understand.

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