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Pastor Joe and Connie Campbell






Pastor Joe and Connie Campbell have served the Chandler Door Christian Center for over 25 years. Their warm and welcoming spirit has ministered the love of Jesus to the hearts of many thousands over that period of time. In an age of self promoting CEO style preachers, Pastor Campbell is a breath of fresh ministry. He is approachable, available and receptive. Much of the personal touch comes over the pulpit in a ministry that aims at relevant issues we all face. Whether you are in crises, need encouragement or simply looking for a church home, Pastor and Connie invite you to come and experience God through His word, prayer, worship and relationship. The Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Come and hear what God may have to say to you today.

Torey and Anastacia






Pastor Torey Williams is an assistant pastor here in Chandler. He and his wife Anastacia serve our congregation in ministry and assistance for families, bible studies, outreaches and youth ministries. Pastor Williams helps organize and manage the youth concert scene, special events and family days.  His preaching ministry is also a great encouragement to the whole congregation.  The Williams were won to Jesus through the outreach and ministry of the Chandler congregation and stand as a testimony both of our congregation of raising disciples from our own communities, preparing them for real-world ministry.

Mark and Carol Tozer India

Pastor Mark Tozer is our staff assistant pastor here to Pastor Campbell & the Chandler church. Mark and his wife Carol were saved in Southern California in the very early 80’s and have pastored and/or been pastor missionaries since 1987, most recently they pastored in Bangalore, India which is a church planting church, which has been nationalized with a local Indian pastor.  Prior to India, they pioneered a new church in Melbourne, Australia. They have served in the Peoples Republic of China as (underground missionaries to that communist nation), Singapore and a brief stint in Malaysia, as well as pastorates in both California and Arizona.

Pastor Tozer is available for any questions or counseling.

Gil Cota







Pastor Gil and Rosa Cota are our Spanish Ministry leaders and are involved in many other aspects of the church as well. Gil and Rosa most recently served as the leadership church the the entire Dominican Republic where they were missionaries for 5 1/2 years. Pastor Cota has extensive ministerial experience in Spanish speaking nations and is an asset to our congregation here in Chandler.

Pastor Cota is available for any questions or counseling.




Our Church welcomes you to experience the fullness of God’s will working in your life.   Our staff are here to help guide those who choose to serve God to the fullest.

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4 thoughts on “Welcoming Staff

  1. Jerry Shane says:

    Remember me in prayer I am having trouble with my right leg; the bones are not healing back together like they should. I Thank you Jerry (Fran’s brother)

  2. Qamar Aziz says:

    Dear Pastor Joe Campbell,
    Greetings and many blessings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ!
    I’m so very grateful to brother Brandon Chi, he told me about you and ” The Door Christian Center”. Thank you so much serving Lord Jesus Christ heartily. God bless and use you mightily for spreading gospel all over the world.
    Sir we are serving Lord Jesus Christ and voice of suffering and persecuted brethren in Pakistan.
    We reach to the unreached, sick, suffering and persecuted…. preach the gospel, show Jesus film, distribute bibles and materials….. win souls for Lord Jesus Christ and establish His Kingdom.
    We also reach to the persecuted brethren, help them and provide them legal aid.
    Sir it’s my humbly request to you please be a partner with us to continue God’s mission here. And also please keep us in your prayers. Thanks!
    Qamar Aziz

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