Victory Report from Thane Mumbai – INDIA

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Hello. I want to share with a you report about our recent Revival meeting. Pastor Alex Ambrose came for a revival from 4 to 7 May. We saw Great miracles and the mighty hand of God moving all these days.  In every service there were more than 50 people with 30 new visitors.  47 Got saved.  A total of 59 people Got instant healing. 21 people got Holy Spirit baptism with evidence.

Here are some Testimonies…

1)      Shyamlal Moray – his both ears were not working; he couldn’t hear. Got healed instantly.

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2)      Aruna Palaspagare – She has tumor in her womb. Doctor told her she needed an operation. She has had treatment for 6 month but nothing happened. Pastor told her Sunday night after prayer to go and check with the Doctor.  Next day she testified that there is no tumor in her womb any more. Doctor was also shocked.

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3)      Roshani- She could not hear from childhood. Instanty God healed her!

4)      Iradavi – Was paralyzed since two years. Tuesday night God reveal by Pastor she has idols and material in her house. When she and her son brought all that stuff, after breaking all these stuff she got healed instantly!

Broken ParaphenaliaRemoving Talismans





5)      Several Got healed from back pain,  stomach problem, fever, etc.


I want to thank you for your prayer and support for Me. God bless you.

Regards from Me and the church

Sandeep and Margaret




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One thought on “Victory Report from Thane Mumbai – INDIA

  1. keijo leppioja says:

    SO nice that be missionere in to be sent of the HOly Spirit and my daughter has been in India 6 year and helping the peoples to know Christ and knowing teh HOly Spirit with blessing and in to be thankful to God for his care over us in grace and let the be revival in India,in Jesus name ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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