Chandler Conference 2011 New Church Plant Announcements

Chandler conference announcements are now available online.  If you are not registered please do so you can access chandler church information and we can keep you on the mailing list for future news and updates.


New International Works:

  1. Adrian & Jasmine Asir into Cambodia, out of
    Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  2. Ed & Jessica Bodnicki into Guangzhou, China
    out of Chandler, Az
  3. Brad & Cindy Campbell into Accra, Ghana, out
    of Chandler, Az
  4. Ammos & Marlyn Ridore into Haiti, sponsored
    by Chandler out of The Dominican Republic
  5. Richard & Becky Salanoa into Hawaii out of
    Chandler, Az

New Domestic Works:

  1. Frank & Ana Aguilera into East Los Angeles,
    Ca out of Glendale, Az
  2. Frank & Brenda Reyna into Pheonix, Az, out
    of Glendale, Az
  3. Wayne & Diane Nickerson into Waco, Tx out of
    Killeen, Tx
  4. Shane & Nancy Selph into Ocala, Fl, out of
    Starke, Fl
  5. Greg & Jessica Mayoga into East Mesa, Az out
    of North Mesa, Az  sponsored by The Mesa,
    Az church.
  6. Damond & Heidi Payton into South
    Jacksonvilee, Fl  out of Mayport, Fl
  7. Harvey & Cynthia Fernandez into Spring
    Branch, Tx out of Houston, Tx
  8. Carmelo & Lisa Laboy into Chicago, Il out of
    Chandler, Az
  9. Bobby & Vanessa Hedegard into Houston,
    Tx  out of Chandler, Az
  10. Russ
    & Lori Ryals into O’ Fallon, Il out of Chandler, Az

New Evangelists:

  1. Robert Hedegard
    from Chandler, Az
  2. Roy Sublasky Sr.
    from Chandler, Az

New Chandler Outreach Directors:

  1. Keith and Amanda
    Walker (602) 989-0561


  1. Ed & Dyana
    Tijero Redirection into Hampton, Va
  2. Andrade &
    Carla Brooks taking the work in Virginia Beach, Va
  3. John & Wendy
    Cornell Redirection into  Chandler, Az
  4. Dominic &
    Elizabeth Chacon taking the work in Pheonix, Az
  5. Martin &
    Sonora Bromoms taking the work in Atlantis, South Africa
  6. Steve &
    Delilah Canez taking the work in North Pheonix, Az
  7. Luis & Maria
    Brandel taking the work in East Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  8. Franklin &
    Theresa Rosas are going on staff in Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.


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5 thoughts on “Chandler Conference 2011 New Church Plant Announcements

  1. charlie says:

    It has been a privilege to have Pastor hedegard and his wife Rose here in Cape Town,S.A. they will be greatly missed. signed Charlie, Athlone cape town. Great announcements! we serve an awesome God in an awesome fellowship!

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