Unforgettable Night!!

May 26, 2013…10:45 PM (CST)


Saturday Night was a night we will never forget!


After our Saturday Night concert ended, a few of the brothers along with some new converts wanted to come over to my house and fellowship a bit.  As we left the church parking lot, we noticed up the street there were 2 cars parked in the middle of the street next to a fast food restaurant.  What captured my attention was a young woman holding a baby near the back door of the car behind hers…my wife and I concluded that either the baby was being played with by someone in the back seat, or that the baby had spit up and they were attempting to clean her up…she didn’t seem to be in any peril whatsoever so we kept driving on.

Two brothers in a car behind us saw the same two cars, but the driver (Felipe), noticed something very different and quite unusual…he saw one of the ladies shaking and choking the baby girl!!  He pointed in their direction and this caught Rene’s (the Passenger) attention.  When Rene saw what was happening, he later told me that God spoke to him saying, ‘The child is dead.’  Without hesitation, he jumped from the car, (It was still moving!), and ran over to assess the situation.

What was happening is, the baby was choking to death, and actually passed out from the choking…no pulse…no breathing…the child died in her mother’s arms.

The mom was in a panic and begin to shake the baby trying to revive her…this is what Rene ran upon when he heard from God.  He immediately asked the ladies if he could pray for the child…without hearing a yes, he begin to pray laying hands on the baby…

By this time, Felipe, along with others from cars behind them ran up to the scene and begin to extend their hands and pray for the baby girl to revive…God did a miracle and brought this precious little 3 year old back to life!!!

While they were praying, people were coming out of the restaurant, emergency vehicles were arriving, and the police were on the scene within minutes of the situation…they all stood back as God’s disciples cast out the spirit of death!!

The little girl’s eyes opened…she coughed, and begin breathing with tears rolling down her face…the mother and the other lady were absolutely shocked!!  The police and emergency crew were dumb – founded!! 

Later on, the guys had the presence of mind to witness and give flyers to the on lookers as well as the ladies with the child…one of the policeman asked who was praying for the baby…Rene, Felipe, and the others acknowledged him…his response was…and I quote – ‘The average church goer wouldn’t have done what you just did for them…God is going to bless you all for this!’

Jesus is alive and well in Pasadena TX!!  The men in our church are fired up and I don’t blame them!!  God is so good to us, as He allows us to be a part of something as special as this!!

Continue to pray for us as we endeavor to do God’s will!

–         Pastor Melrose

by LaMont Melrose

My name is LaMont Melrose. I became born-again July 27th, 1990. I became a member of the Potter's House in Killeen TX where I learned under the discipleship of: Pastor Bob Alvarez, Pastor George Piper, and Pastor Larry Mitchell. I was married January 9th, 1993, and October 1996 I was planted in Virginia Beach VA. After re-direction, I was announced an Evangelist August 2002, then launched once again into the harvest field August 2007 (With Redirection in between). I was sent to Dallas TX from Feb. 2008 - Feb, 2011, and now I'm currently pastoring in Pasadena TX to the present.

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