Pasadena Fire!

Praise God!  It’s good to be here in Pasadena TX, doing it up for Jesus.  Well, it’s getting down to the holidays, and we’re preparing for our First Healing Crusade!!  Everyone is excited!!  We’re gonna rent out the pavillion in the park and go for what we know!  I wanted to also give a testimony about our 2nd Annual Back to School Service!  What we do, is get as many school supplies as possible…and give them away to the community!!  I preach that evening to the youth…pray for them and their parents, then distribute the goods…last year, we had 85 in attendance; this year….we had 100 in attendance with 29 saved!!

Since then (August 26th), we’ve seen new families come out.  When you serve the community – it really bares fruit!!  Please pray for us as we endeavor to do the will of God…with newly married men rising up in the church – I’m excited about the possibilities of God…Pasadena will be a church – planting church before long!!  Hallelujah!

Thank you pastor Rosario, and pastor Campbell for giving me another chance – it’s an honor to represent the Fellowship in the Texas South!  One time!!


God bless,


LaMont & Jana Melrose

p.s.  – Love you Dan & Monica 🙂


by LaMont Melrose

My name is LaMont Melrose. I became born-again July 27th, 1990. I became a member of the Potter's House in Killeen TX where I learned under the discipleship of: Pastor Bob Alvarez, Pastor George Piper, and Pastor Larry Mitchell. I was married January 9th, 1993, and October 1996 I was planted in Virginia Beach VA. After re-direction, I was announced an Evangelist August 2002, then launched once again into the harvest field August 2007 (With Redirection in between). I was sent to Dallas TX from Feb. 2008 - Feb, 2011, and now I'm currently pastoring in Pasadena TX to the present.

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