God moves powerfully on Saturday outreach in San Diego!

On Saturday July 13th 2013 we had a powerful outreach in the park. We started with prayer at our church and it was powerful. We had help from the Escondido church and the Clairemont church. We gathered up and worshiped God. At 11AM we hit the ground. The outreach went from 11am until 1:30pm. The target was an area in Serra Mesa.  This area is section 8 housing and military housing. It is the perfect place to have a concert in the park. The outreach was fruitful as we saw many people who said they were interested in finding a church. 3 of those people said the sinners prayer.

At 3:30PM we started the concert. We saw several people come get some food and hang out for a bit while the rap band “Social Suicide” did what they do. We saw somewhere between 15-30 Visitors come through in the park. We had hotdogs and soda to draw the crowd. At the altar call God came down. A man that was at the back of the park “In Ears Reach” was moved to come hear the preaching. This man was covered with tattoos, and was smoking a cigarette.

Something in the testimony struck a cord with this man and he with one hand covering his face, and the other hand in the air received Jesus as his savior. Weeping he came to the altar. He shared with me that he was a convicted felon, and had spent the last 20 years in prison for murder. He said he made a vow to God that if God would let him out he would serve Him. He said during his life sentence he thought that he was going to die in prison. He said that this was his wake up call to fulfill his end of the bargain. The altar had three more people making the total souls saved 7 for the  saturday.

Praise God

Pray for us as we pray for you

Robert Michiels

by 1073jlb

Ola soy el pastor Luis Brandel discípulo del pastor Jill Cota en República Dominicana.

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