Haunted House In Bangalore sees 345 Saved

CarnEvil 2013

photoThis year the Cox Town Bangalore church and its baby works along with Ps.Mark Tozer’s church united to present “ CarnEvil” an Haunted House production. The production involved graphic depiction of real life scenarios which were disturbing and controversial. Scenes like, Human Scarifice, Drug Abuse, Suicide on the Railway Track, Gang Rape, Witchcraft, Facebook, Abortion were depicted. At the end a convicting message of Hope with a bloody Jesus on the cross. Several shows were presented in three days and the result was over 700 people walk through with 345 souls won to Jesus!  Many people were seen visibly weeping at scenes and at the altar call. The Cox town Church in Bangalore have showed a genuine passion to reach souls for Jesus Christ!  Thank you Chandler for all your investment in Cox town.

by Samantha

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