Revival in the Land!!

Ortiz Revival 2013 II


Praise God!!  God is truly moving in Pasadena TX!!  The people of God are fired up, and so am I.  First of all, we were able to go to Chicago IL via Impact Team, where we witnessed 36 lives won to Jesus Christ!!  Most of our congregants had never flown before…I wanted them to go out of state and really get a feel for Evangelism…they got more than what they bargained for!  The highlight of the 3 day outreach was when we literally took over the subways!!  We were allowed to set up a rap group underground and with witnessing going on all around the preaching and singing…souls were added to the kingdom!!  This trip opened the eyes of God’s people and I’m so grateful that God would touch His disciples this way!  We came back home and started a Revival with Pastor Hector Ortiz…so far, one of the greatest  times in revival to date!!  During the Revival, we averaged over 100 per service…maxing out to 126 people on Friday Night!!  4 new families have come and are now being grafted into the church.


Ortiz Revival 2013

God is also blessing many of the saints with jobs, raises, and even new vehicles!!  What I’m most excited about is the vision people have for the lost!  Men are rising up with prayer (morning), fasting (weekly), and personal evangelism…I’m telling you – I’m truly living the dream…it’s such a great honor to be given an opportunity to preach the gospel in the greatest Fellowship on planet Earth!  Pastor Campbell, thank you so much for your prayers and support!!  Pastor Rosario, I thank you for your wisdom, direction, and friendship…Pasadena TX belongs to Jesus!  Please pray for us as we are seeking a new building, and I’m on the verge of going full time!!  We are going to be a disciple – making, church – planting church!!  Thanks and God bless…

– Pastor LaMont Melrose

by LaMont Melrose

My name is LaMont Melrose. I became born-again July 27th, 1990. I became a member of the Potter's House in Killeen TX where I learned under the discipleship of: Pastor Bob Alvarez, Pastor George Piper, and Pastor Larry Mitchell. I was married January 9th, 1993, and October 1996 I was planted in Virginia Beach VA. After re-direction, I was announced an Evangelist August 2002, then launched once again into the harvest field August 2007 (With Redirection in between). I was sent to Dallas TX from Feb. 2008 - Feb, 2011, and now I'm currently pastoring in Pasadena TX to the present.

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