Native American Day – Artie Aragon -May 15th

Native American Day is where we celebrate the powerful miracle God is doing among Native Americans and consequently in other lives.  Chandler particularly invited Pastor Artie Aragon who has sacrificed his life in Chinle for the Navajo Nation.  His testimony is an incredible adventure over the course of 18 years preaching to broken homes and troubled families.  Desperate people ridden with all kinds of addictions and tormets, but the power of God has set so many free.  Pastor Aragon brings the Chinle choir with him to demonstrate the wonderful heart of God transmitted into these lives who are now willing to share their own testimonies of defeated sin, overcome depression, healed sicknesses and healed minds.

What a wonderful God we serve!  Native American Day is to glorify what God has radically done in Native American Lives.


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