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Welcome to the Children’s Church at the Chandler Door Christian Center

Childrens church is a fundamental ministry of the church we hold so valuable to the precious lives of our future generations.  Our history and track record imparting bible values and character into our children is replete with wonderful success stories

Listen to a

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recently sung by teens who were raised in our children’s church 

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We have three services during the week:

Sunday morning ages 3-8

Sunday evening ages 3-12

Wednesday evening ages 3-5

We also have Sunday School classes every Sunday morning at 10:00AM for children ages 3-12 (in different classrooms age appropriate).

We strive to give the children an opportunity to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior each service. We do this by presenting Bible truth in fun and practical ways that kids can understand on their level. Combining teaching with entertaining drama skits, visual object lessons, funny puppet skits, lip sync songs and memory verse games, are some of the ways we use to bring the gospel to their level. Each service is begun with a lively Song Service and Worship Time.

We have officially started our annual Offering Competition, we do this at the end of the year while we are practicing for our Christmas Play. Every year there is a couple that gets chosen to be the “faces” for the teams, Mr Phillip Kast is representing the boys and Mrs Sarah Kast for the girls. What happens is whatever team brings in the most money for the 3 month period, the opposite “face” for the team gets a pie in their face.  It is a fun time and a great way the kids to  bring in offering and have fun doing it.

CamelLotThis year the Christmas Play is on Dec 15th at 6:30pm. It will be a blast and a great time. Tell your friends and family to come and see “Camel Lot.” 








[learn_more caption=”Children’s Church Guidelines”] Children’s Church Rules:

#1-Sit and Listen

#2-Keep your hands to yourself

#3-No gum or candy

#4 Sing and Clap

#5 HAVE FUN!!!!!!



In addition we encourage parents to have their kids use the rest room prior to dropping them off. Also we ask that kids would leave their toys outside of the children’s church (so they don’t get lost).When bringing your kids for the first time, please introduce them to one of our Children’s Church Leaders so we can meet them and learn their name. If you are coming for the first time it would be helpful to let us know approximately where you will be sitting in the Adult Sanctuary so we can easily locate you(if necessary).[/learn_more]

These are our Children’s Church Leaders and workers for each service:
Sunday Morning-(ages 3-8 years old)Ken and Mary LeBlanc (Leaders)James and Sandra Casoose, Hossanna Biangco, Debbie Dominguez
Sunday Evening-(ages 3-12 years old)Brandon and Sara Monnens(Leaders) Brad and Sheri Jones, Josh and Elisabeth Monnens, Phillip and Sarah Kast. Malory Ryals, Vanessa Salgado

Wednesday Evening-(ages 3-5 years old)Joseph and Alyssa Campbell(Leaders)Yumi Biangco, Anna LeBlanc

[learn_more caption=”Personal Note From Our Children’s Church Director”] Brandon and Sara Monnens, our goal with Children’s church is to teach these kids how to become adults who love and respect God. Who learn about God’s love at an early and take it with them when they get older. We want to have a fun and exciting environment for them to learn, while teaching them all about God’s love and what he can do for them if they serve him and follow him.[/learn_more]


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