New Members Dinner – Fall 2012

New Church Member's Dinner Fall 2012

A pic of the old and new converts

Friday September 28,2012

We hosted our annual Reapers Madness.  Where 240 were at attendance and 150 new converts were present.  The night was started with an impressive opener with Peculiar People.  The up and new coming  Elgin Street Players performed several songs along with SoulEver.  Cross Fires all boy band pulled it off.  Keep it up guys!  The spanish drama team really got across the vision of the church by asking the question “…who will go?”  Hollywood Haters performance of a new convert being confronted by his old self was impressive.

Pastor Campbell pulled an alter call that cemented visitors and new converts decisions to continue to run the race and live for God.

Torey Williams invited to pray for Spring Lakes Mayor Inauguration

About 6 months ago I ran into a man at a local store and we struck up a conversation.  As we talked, the topic of what we did “for a living” was brought up.
I told him I was a pastor and he mentioned that he was involved in politics.  In fact, he said he was currently running for mayor of Spring Lake. From there, we continued to talk via email or phone here and there. Somewhere along the way he invited me to a town meeting where the topic was “how to decrease crime in Spring Lake.” At this meeting, people (Board Members Continue reading

Awesome August!!

Praise God folks! August was a tremendous month for us here in Pasadena TX! With a wave of new believers coming in, making stands for Christ, and being stirred by the Holy Ghost to preach the Word; I’m overwhelmed with what Jesus is doing. We were privileged to take people to the Bible Conference and they returned with new commitment to Jesus! Also, for our kids going back to school, we decided to dedicate a Sunday PM to it, we saw 80 people in attendance with several decisions for Christ! The attendance of the church has nearly doubled in the past 6 weeks…young people ranging from 16 – 23 years old!! Continue to pray for Pasadena TX as we endeavor to do God’s will! September, LOOK OUT!!  Thank you so much Pastor Rosario, Pastor Campbell, and Pastor Mitchell, for your prayers and investment – it was not in vain…-LaMont Melrose

Takin’ it to the Streetz

Sermon Points – Sunday Aug 28th

“I am a living bonafide miracle” ~ Bob Burrus

Testifying of his harrowing experience having had a stroke while preaching in the Bullhead City church harvestor’s homecoming, then miraculously recovering.  He attributes his recovery to the corporate prayers of the saints.

Do what is right even when things dont seem right ~ Josh Fowles