Halloween Party in China

Missionary Adventure 4Missionary Adventure42We had a Halloween party Friday and Saturday night at the beginning they went out in front of the building in their costume and played guitar and sang and passed out flyers.  We started the night off with 3 songs from our band and then did a Carman video called withes invitation which the people were glued to and then we played 2 games and did another Carman video called the witches invitation and they were also glued to that one so Missionary Adventurethen we would pull an altar call and in the two nights we got cards on 6 people and many others prayed / mass prayer but didn’t get cards on them then we would have food and then end the night with a drama of heavens gates hell’s flames we had a great time and many enjoyed it.  We had about 40 out Friday and about 30 Saturday night.

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Report from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia

Neil McCann Revival September 24thBeach Baptism 28th SeptemberGod is continuing to help us here in Kota Kinabalu. It is humbling and awe-inspiring to be involved in something that God is doing. He continues to astound us as he is working His
purposes in this harvest field of souls here in Sabah. We recently finished a revival with Pastor Neil McCann from Auckland, New Zealand. A very significant work was done in the people. Continue reading

Victory Report from Thane Mumbai – INDIA

DSC01972 - Copy
Hello. I want to share with a you report about our recent Revival meeting. Pastor Alex Ambrose came for a revival from 4 to 7 May. We saw Great miracles and the mighty hand of God moving all these days.  In every service there were more than 50 people with 30 new visitors.  47 Got saved.  A total of 59 people Got instant healing. 21 people got Holy Spirit baptism with evidence.

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12 Saved During Easter Weekend Cox Town Bangalore

passion cox Amazing Grace


The Passion of the Christ movie & Easter Play ” Amazing Love” hosted by Cox town Bangalore saw 12 first time decisions.

A total of 20 visitors, along with the majority of church supporting, the Easter Play was a convicting presentation.

God has been truly bringing in fruit. A total of 40 new decisions have been made from the beginning of the year with many locking into the church faithfully.

Pray for us…Thank you Pastor Campbell & Chandler Church

– Packiaraj & Samantha


Report from China.

Fellowship in Malaysia.

Spending time with fellow Christians in Malaysia!


China delegates.

China delegates.


First night at the Malaysian Pioneer Rally.

First night at the Malaysian Pioneer Rally.


Pastor Bodnicki giving a victory report in Malaysia!

Pastor Bodnicki giving a victory report in Malaysia!


Ready to turn the world upside down!

Representing the Guangzhou church at the Rally!


Fellowship in Malaysia.

Fellowship in Malaysia.


First church service after Rally.

First church service after the Rally.



Song service practice.

Our church in Guangzhou, China brought 7 delegates to the pioneer rally in Malaysia. All but one had never left the country or flown in an airplane. They left jubilant and returned even more excited! Continue reading