Chandler Christian Church Annual Mission’s Rally Beyond Borders

Join us this February 26th through March 1st for our annual Mission’s Rally in 2020! Jesus said that we should go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

Here at The Door Church in Chandler, we believe and send out couples to go in the cities of the earth. Currently, we have churches from New Zealand to the Philippines to South Africa to Barbados to the ends of the earth.

Come to hear great sermons about going and giving to this awesome cause of spreading the love of Jesus Christ. Our missionaries and their families are ever grateful for the prayers and giving of the brethren.

Our churches will be giving reports about God’s works every night. This is a rally worth time and investment.

If you’d like to give, click here.

Stay tuned for testimonies and a video showing all that God is doing!

China Conference 2017

The Lord is at work in the great nation of China! This past October the churches there had a conference where Pastor Campbell preached and stirred the hearts of many people.

Two couples were launched into unreached cities. As the churches gathered they experienced a tremendous presence of God and they are seeing multiplication of disciples!

Pastor Campbell preached for Pastor Monnens and Pastor Alvarez in Sunday services. God is truly giving them momentum and favor as they “press on toward the high calling of Jesus Christ.”

Please continue to lift up the churches in China in prayer!

People lifting up holy hands Pastor preaching Pastor praying Pastor in Monnens

China Conferene

Attendees with Pastor Campbell.

Attendees with Pastor Campbell.

Back 2 School Celebration

Hi, once again, it’s Pastor Melrose from Pasadena TX!!

We had a powerful time this past Sunday night.  This is our 3rd year hosting our back 2 school celebration/giveaway, and since the church is overflowing on its own, we had to hold the service outside.  I rented the main park pavilion and Praise God, we had 157 folks show up!!  55 people prayed at altar call and we were able to give out 122 school packets.  What really encouraged me was it seemed as if the free school supplies were an afterthought.

All of the families that attended were more excited about the altar call!  I’m so grateful to be able to preach the gospel!!  Please pray for us, we’re still in the hunt for a new building…God bless > Pasadena TX belongs to Jesus!!