Children’s Church Hallelujah Party

Children’s Church will be having a Hallelujah Party on October 29th at 6:30pm! Come dressed up in your best costumes and have a lot of fun. There will be games and prizes for children ages 3-12. Everyone is invited and welcomed to come!

Please be considerate and don’t wear scary costumes or masks!

Parents, if you would donate candy for this wonderful night, we would greatly appreciate it!


Raymond and Akiah Pickering’s Farewell Service

Raymond and Akiah Pickering have been our door directors since August 2016. In our 2017 Bible Conference they were announced to continue a church in Vista, California!

Tomorrow, October 1st, in our evening service, Pastor Pickering will deliver a message of hope. Our staff and church council will lay hands on him and his family to pray for God’s anointing in their endeavor. Please believe God with us and pray for this precious family that God would build His work in Vista.

Anyone is welcomed to attend! It will be posted on our LiveStream account, so click here to watch the service. Check out our gallery to see pictures!

The Door of Chandler Jesus People Weddings

In a world full of deceit, immorality, and adultery, there is a desperate need for God’s light to come through. We do this through our Jesus’ People Weddings! The couples who get married in our Sunday Morning service are men and women who have lived clean for at least six months. Some couples have not kissed, held hands, and choose to live completely pure.

This is a testimony of God’s power and His ability to keep people He saves. If you have not seen one, you are more than welcome to see one in the upcoming months! For families and friends who cannot make it to Chandler, AZ, please visit our LiveStream account. You don’t have to miss one!

Save the dates:

Kierra Chase and Joshua Long— September 24, 2017

Edgar Matamoros and Edith Gomez — October 15, 2017

Richard Petty and Anna Encinas — October 29, 2017

Halloween Event 2017

Be involved!

Every year we use Halloween to advance the kingdom of God! It is an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to win people. This year’s event will be an exciting one! Put it down in your calendar, it’s happening October 27th and 28th.

If you would like to be involved please contact Ryan Salanoa or subscribe to us.