As Bad as You Can Breathe

We had a Holy Ghost time with Pastor Dillard as he ministered in the preaching of the Gospel! On Monday night, he preached a sermon entitled, “As Bad as You Can Breathe” out of Psalm 85:6.

He talked about how as Christians we become so distracted by the things that are temporal and if we really want revival, we need to be a desperate people.

Below is a clip of the sermon. Click here to view the sermons via LiveStream.


Freedom – A Black History Play

We, at The Door, are a diverse community of people. We try to celebrate every culture for the Glory of God! This is month is indeed Black History Month.

On February the 17th, Saturday evening, we are having a play to commemorate some of the achievements and struggles of our nation. Everyone is welcomed to attend.

It’s happening at 7pm at 399 S Washington St in Chandler. For more information contact us or call (480) 332-1194.

Celebrating Black History with Pastor Stacey Dillard Revival

Come and celebrate with us this coming February 18th!

This month we are having a revival with Pastor Stacey Dillard from Chula Vista, California in honor of Black History. We will also have a play, so be sure to check back for details.

Pastor Dillard came into the Chandler church in 1988 and was radical saved. He served in the Chandler congregation for many years and has pastored various churches throughout the years.

His years of ministry will bring help and encouragement. You don’t want to miss out!

MAN UP – PASTOR STACEY DILLARD from PHC Wandsworth on Vimeo.

A Church with a Worldwide Vision

Christian Fellowship Ministries

We are apart of a great fellowship that believes in taking the Gospel to the “ends of the earth.” Jesus gave a clear mandate to His disciples before He ascended to heaven,

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15

Twice a year the Prescott Potter’s House hosts a conference to encourage those laboring in the different cities throughout the world. Our church originated from this center over 30 years ago.

Over 2400 churches are included in this movement worldwide! Pastor Wayman Mitchell has been faithful throughout the years to remain steadfast in the Word of God. Bi-annually couples are announced to start churches in various places.

This past week was a tremendous time of preaching! We are a preaching fellowship. Click here to view the sermons via Livestream. Below is the video of couples announced.


Finding Destiny and Being Refreshed


“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

-Steve Jobs

Changing your life means changing your decisions. The first step to God is admitting you need Him. The second step is finding a church that preaches the Gospel!

This past Sunday we had incredible services with Pastor Allen Taylor in the morning and Pastor Dave Szczepanski in the evening.

Pastor Taylor preached on “The Pathway of Inheritance and Destiny” from 1 Peter 3:8 and how our lives are meant to serve others.

In Pastor Dave Szczepanski’s sermon, he ministered on “Being Refreshed” from Acts 3. Both messages were timely and stirring!

Below, is a special song from the night service. Be sure to check out our Livestream channel to hear the preaching.

We welcome you to join us ever service.

There’s no better place to be at than church. If you don’t like church, then you won’t like heaven.

Pastor Campbell




Showing God’s Not Dead 2 New Year’s Eve

This Sunday night at 6:30 pm we are showing the PureFlix film God’s Not Dead 2. Come and be stirred to stand for God’s word in the midst of our generation!

Everyone is invited to come.

We believe in God’s Word. We are The Door. 

Annual Christmas Banquet December 15th

Everyone is invited to our annual banquet, Friday night at 7 pm. It’s a great time with dinner and entertainment. Join this celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ!

Please contact us for more information or to purchase tickets or call: (480) 917-7200.

2017 Southwest Men’s Rally

Men of Wisdom

Zechariah, a man of unusual wisdom.

1 Chronicles 26:14



Friday, December 1st

Wayman Mitchell 7:30 PM

Saturday, December 2nd

Mark Aulson 8:15 AM

Greg Mitchell 9:30 AM

Joe Campbell 10:15 AM



Please contact the Tape Room for more information on CDs and DVDs.


Central H.S. Auditorium