Back 2 School Celebration

Hi, once again, it’s Pastor Melrose from Pasadena TX!!

We had a powerful time this past Sunday night.  This is our 3rd year hosting our back 2 school celebration/giveaway, and since the church is overflowing on its own, we had to hold the service outside.  I rented the main park pavilion and Praise God, we had 157 folks show up!!  55 people prayed at altar call and we were able to give out 122 school packets.  What really encouraged me was it seemed as if the free school supplies were an afterthought.

All of the families that attended were more excited about the altar call!  I’m so grateful to be able to preach the gospel!!  Please pray for us, we’re still in the hunt for a new building…God bless > Pasadena TX belongs to Jesus!!


HELP! We need a Bigger Building!

Greetings from Pasadena TX, God truly is moving in our church.  We had the privilege of baptizing 7 new converts this afternoon!!  The church has been packed out ever since we had revival with Hector Ortiz and Robert Hedegard!  Converts…converts everlasting!!  We really do need another building – we’ve got a few in the cross hairs, but nothing has landed yet.  Keep us in your prayers!

Hedegard Revival 1


God bless,


Pastor LaMont Melrose

Unforgettable Night!!

May 26, 2013…10:45 PM (CST)


Saturday Night was a night we will never forget!


After our Saturday Night concert ended, a few of the brothers along with some new converts wanted to come over to my house and fellowship a bit.  As we left the church parking lot, we noticed up the street there were 2 cars parked in the middle of the street next to a fast food restaurant.  Continue reading

Awesome August!!

Praise God folks! August was a tremendous month for us here in Pasadena TX! With a wave of new believers coming in, making stands for Christ, and being stirred by the Holy Ghost to preach the Word; I’m overwhelmed with what Jesus is doing. We were privileged to take people to the Bible Conference and they returned with new commitment to Jesus! Also, for our kids going back to school, we decided to dedicate a Sunday PM to it, we saw 80 people in attendance with several decisions for Christ! The attendance of the church has nearly doubled in the past 6 weeks…young people ranging from 16 – 23 years old!! Continue to pray for Pasadena TX as we endeavor to do God’s will! September, LOOK OUT!!  Thank you so much Pastor Rosario, Pastor Campbell, and Pastor Mitchell, for your prayers and investment – it was not in vain…-LaMont Melrose

Takin’ it to the Streetz